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Post by vampirE on Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:35 pm

Angel of darkness

Tears drown my shattered heart

Tattered, beaten, torn apart

Last hope's gone with no more fight

Let me die through this lonely night,

Another day I can take no more

For all I see is a closing door,

Memories fade, tears cascade,

Down my face and into my soul

Because losing him I'm no longer whole.

Broken dreams with silent screams

Round and round in my head

Have got me wishing that I was dead,

Darkness came in true loves form

Broke my heart and caused a storm,

Never mattered, didn't care because

He was the one I thought would always be there

The only one ever to send me a prayer.

The barer of love,

Who came to me sent from above

Was nothing more than an Angel of darkness

From the depths below,

Ruined me and cast my life into a shadow,

I cant stop caring and never will

He was the one who made me see

He opened my eyes to mystery,

The mystery of love and now that's gone

I'm all alone...

And that is something I'll never atone.

Destroyer of lives with a heart like knives

I'll never stop caring because it's him I love,

Touched so deep and broke right through,

He accepted the love that I had to offer

Even though it was never returned,

It's my soul that I give, and always will

He was a the ecstasy pill

So addictive and one big thrill,

Deadly and dangerous he can kill,

Just the same as an ecstasy pill.

"Come and find me. I am living in the dark"
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