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Post by Love_for_forever on Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:36 am

Well friendz it's n0thing but yet another
emulator.It is a weird type of emulator which can simultanachly handly
12 files and it has a command copy system enable it to copy the command
give on #1 windows to the other windows it will enable you super fast
emulation and maximam ease but don't be a so excited.It's extermly
heard to use and m0st of the perople won't be able to use it becose of
it complexity and this is n0t really an ideal tool for kicker stil its
the emulator for the future and it's the best one for of becouse i kn0w
how to use it anyway get it from = http://www.Mess.Org/files/mess0122s.Zip

o play GTE Vectrex games on your PC by using MESS, you'll need the following files:

MESS: As of this writing, the most recent version of MESS is 0.81.
Vectrex BIOS ROM: This file is required to play Vectrex games with the MESS emulator.
Vectrex Game ROMs: Vectrex game ROMs have the extension .GAM or .BIN.
Vectrex Screen Overlays: Vectrex screen overlays have the extensions .PNG and .ART.

Visit the following Web site to download the latest version of MESS:
Visit the following Web site to obtain Vectrex (and other) MESS BIOS ROMs:
Note that you must have the appropriate BIOS ROM image for any game system that you want to access with MESS.
Visit the following Web site to download Vectrex screen overlays:
Visit the following Web site to download Vectrex game ROMs:

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MEss--mig33 Empty Re: MEss--mig33

Post by s@m on Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:09 am

Tnx love........ Smile

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